Inspired Women’s Leadership Development.

Anytime. Anywhere.


You Are Not Alone on Your Leadership Journey.

You are not the only one having the kinds of challenges you face every day. Smart, capable, committed, funny, interesting women around the world are with you, sharing in the turmoil and the triumph.

Yes, you are a leader whether or not you currently hold a leadership role. Because you are leading your life every day, and because you have an influence on everyone around you, you are a leader, and our Tiara Resource Circle is for you.

Join the Tiara Resource Circle and receive the support you need to grow and develop as a leader in your work and your life. Belong to a community of global women practicing True Leadership together.

The Tiara Resource Circle is a membership community that provides women’s leadership development virtually, anytime, anywhere. New leadership workshops are offered each month by Certified Leadership Coaches based on the Tiara Model for True Leadership (SM).

With your membership, you receive a monthly Inspired Leadership Gift Box directly to your email inbox along with monthly leadership development tools, tips, classes, and access to leadership coaches.


The Tiara Resource Circle provides virtual leadership development.

If you are looking for traditional leadership development programming for your company, women’s initiative, or yourself, visit our parent company Tiara International LLC for a complete service list.